Here is my CV/resume.

I completed my PhD summer of 2019, and will begin a post-doc at the Morton Arboretum in September. I enjoy working with large datasets and combining multifarious data to address novel questions. I used mixed-effects modeling and Bayesian hierarchical modeling for my dissertation work, but am also familiar with spatial analyses, structural equation modeling, and generalized additive modeling.

PhD research
For my dissertation work, I focused on tree recruitment patterns in temperate forests. I used distances between stems in mapped forest plots to evaluate spatial patterns thought to result from conspecific negative density dependence.

I used data sets collected by my lab (the Plant Ecology Lab), which are publicly available. In particular, the Carolina Vegetation Survey contains thousands of plots across the southeastern U.S., allowing us to answer questions about plant communities across a large region.

Academic culture
I’m interested in the structure and culture of academia. Recent media exposure has shed light on some troubling patterns in academic labs, including abuses of power, research ethics, and sexual harassment. I worked within my department at UNC-Chapel Hill to address some of these issues. Here is more info about some of our work: https://academicstakingaction.wordpress.com/

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about trees, ecology, surviving graduate school, living in North Carolina, academia, women in science, R code, crochet patterns, Star Trek, cats, etc.